YDP Camps FAqs

A typical day at a YDP Holiday Camp

So what fun activities can children get up to at holiday camp? Lots!

Before the day begins, we’ll give children the chance to choose which sports they want to play throughout the
day. They’ll be able to choose from activities including dance, gymnastics, tennis, football, rounders, basketball,
netball, cricket, dodgeball, capture the flag and many more!

Spoiled for choice? We try to vary the activities across the week so that they can try as many different activities
as possible over the week.
The basic structure of days at our holiday camps will usually look like this:

• 9:00/09.30 – 10:00 Register, rules and plan for the day
• 10:00 – 10:30 Fun warm-up game
• 10:30 – 11:20 First main sports coaching session
• 11:20 – 11:40 Snack break
• 11:40 – 12:30 Second main sports coaching session
• 12:30 – 13:30 Lunchtime and free play
• 13:30 – 14:15 Third main sports coaching session
• 14:15 – 14:50 Fourth main sports coaching session
• 14.50 – 15:00/15.30 Recap, presentation and line up for collection

Some days we will also bring a selection of inflatable activities and during the Summer months we may have fun
water activities. We also have lots of fun games and prizes to be won throughout the week.
Children will need to bring weather appropriate clothing, including shoes suitable for indoors and outdoors (we
have the luxury of indoor and outdoor space, but we will only take children outside in suitable weather), a
packed lunch and plenty to drink. The club will be fun for all children, regardless of sporting ability.

Frequently Asked Questions for Holiday Sports Clubs

What age does my child have to be to attend a YDP camp?
We welcome children aged Reception – school year 8.
What time is Drop off?
Drop off times differ for each camp so please check the advert. Usually 9 or 9.30am. Please arrive at this time
and no earlier to allow coaches time to carry out relevant Risk Assessments and set up the space and equipment for the children.

What time is Pick up?
Pick up times differ for each camp so please check the advert. Usually 3pm or 3.30pm. If you wish to pick
your child up earlier you need to inform coaches on the morning of the club so they can make sure your child
is ready for collection.

When will I find out if my child has been successful in securing a place?
Our booking system allows parents to select their own days. They also have the ability to amend/cancel their
booking. Parents will be sent a confirmation email as soon as the booking form is completed. It is very
important you make sure the email address you provide is spelt correctly as this could affect receiving the

Can I apply for a club in an area I don’t live in?
Our clubs are very popular and run in various locations, they are open to all children.

Will I be contacted if my child wants to come home?
We have several children that are nervous about coming to our clubs for the first time. Our coaches will ring
if they feel they aren’t coping and need collecting.

Will I be contacted if my child is involved in an accident?
Coaches will fill out an incident report and contact the parent either at the time or speak to them at the end
of the day depending on the severity. A bump to the head or suspected sprain/break will be contacted straight
away. We do also ask that children are toilet trained to attend the club.

What will my child be doing at the club?
Our sports clubs are child led. After the children have arrived and the register has been taken. Coaches
establish the rules with the children and talk through safety points. The children then suggest sports/activities
they would like to do during the day. There will also be some period after break and lunch where the children
get ‘Free Play’ which means a sport/activity they haven’t had a chance to do, they can during this period.

What do I need to provide my child with for the day?
Your child will need to wear clothes suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. You will need to provide a
packed lunch and plenty to drink. During hotter months we ask parents to make sure their child has a hat and
they are wearing sun cream. Please send children with their own sun cream to re-apply during the day.

How do you cater for children with medical conditions?
We do not discriminate at our clubs and cater for all medical needs. Whether it be visual difficulties or social.
We have had children with severe anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Type 1 Diabetes to name a few. All our lead coaches
are First Aid trained. Children are told they are not to share food to make sure children with food allergies are
not affected. If you would like to discuss your child’s individual needs further with us then please email

Will photos of my children be used on social media?
We ask parents in the booking form if they consent to photos/videos of their child being taken. If they say no
then their children will not be photographed. If they put yes then their children could feature in promotional

We hope your child is looking forward to our holiday camps as much as we are!

Please note, unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund for illness leading to your child not being able to attend our camp.

Please drop your child off at the main entrance, our registration team will be there to greet you.

Children will be encouraged to regularly wash hands throughout the day and use our hygiene stations where hand sanitiser will be available to everyone. Please do not send your child if they have been advised to isolate or display any Covid-19 symptoms. 

Your child will be put into a group of approximately 15 children and have a coach with your child throughout the day.

Please find below a couple of reminders before the camp:

  • Children will need clothes suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. 
  • Please ensure your child is dress in accordance with the weather – i.e. they have a hat and that they are wearing sun cream in the Summer (please send children with their own sun cream to re-apply during the day) and a raincoat and layers in the colder months.
  • Depending on the weather, please bring a spare pair of clothes/water toys in case we do water activities each day (for those wanting to participate).
  • Ensure your child has a packed lunch, snacks and plenty of drink – they will be burning off a lot of energy!
  • Football boots and shinpads for football camps (and studs for our 3G pitch).

As always, our registration team will be happy to assist you on the day if you have any further questions.  

We have plenty of spaces at the camps still so please use the same booking link at  https://www.youthdreamsproject.co.uk/half-term/ to book another camp.

We look forward to seeing your child very soon.

In case of any emergencies, please call Luke Kennedy on 07583 688413.

The YDP Team