Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Under data protection law, individuals have a right to be informed about how Youth Dreams Project Ltd uses any personal data that we hold about them. We comply with this right by providing privacy notices to individuals where we are processing their personal data. This privacy notice explains how we collect, store and use personal data about children/parents. We, Youth Dreams Project Ltd, are the ‘data controller’ for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

What data is collected?

Personal data that we may collect, use, store and share (when appropriate) may include, but is not restricted to:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Date of birth
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Contact preferences
  • Medical Conditions, including physical and mental health
  • Various types of consent
  • Photographs
  • Behaviour information
  • Safeguarding information

We may also hold data that we have received from other organisations, including local authorities and the Department for Education.

We only collect and use data when the law allows us to. Most commonly, we process it where we need to comply with a legal obligation or where we need it to perform an official task in the public interest. Where we have obtained consent to use data, this consent can be withdrawn at any time. We will make this clear when we ask for consent, and explain how consent can be withdrawn.

Whenever we seek to collect information from you/your child, we make it clear whether providing it is mandatory or optional. If it is mandatory, we will explain the possible consequences of not complying. We keep/use/store and dispose of personal information about children and their parents/guardians in a GDPR compliant digital format. We do not share information about children with any third party without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so. Where it is legally required, or necessary (and it complies with data protection law) we may share personal information about children with:

  • Our local authority – to meet our legal obligations to share certain information with it, such as safeguarding concerns and exclusions.
  • Schools/The Department for Education – to meet our legal obligations to share certain information with it.
  • Suppliers and service providers – to enable them to provide the service we have contracted them for.
  • Health authorities/Social Welfare organisation – to meet our legal obligation to protect our children and keep them safe.
  • Police forces, courts, tribunals – to meet our legal obligations to share information with them.


Photographs and Film

We may use photographs or films of you/your child for promotional purposes. You/your child will always be made aware if they are being photographed or filmed, what the purpose of this is and will be given the opportunity to object. Where the relevant consent has been obtained, photographs and films may be:

  • Used on our websites and on social media sites which can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.
  • Used on brochures, flyers, displays, in presentations and in publications.
  • Supplied to the media for use in newspapers and magazines and on TV, websites or social media sites.


How long is your data stored for?

Personal data relating to children and their parents/carers is stored in line with ICO guidelines. In accordance with the GDPR, YDP does not store personal data indefinitely; data is only stored for as long as is necessary to complete the task for which it was originally collected.

Secondary School children

Once a pupil is aged 13 or over, we may be required by law to pass on certain information to providers of youth support services and careers advisors in the local area. This is the LA support service for young people aged 13 to 19 in England. We must provide the names and addresses of pupils and their parent(s), and any further information relevant to each support service role. We may also share data with Post-16 providers to secure appropriate support on entry to Post-16 provision. However, parents/carers can ask that no information beyond names, addresses and a pupil’s date of birth be passed to the support service. This right transfers to an individual pupil on their 16th birthday. Parents, or pupils who reach the age of 16, must inform YDP if they wish to opt out of this arrangement.

Requesting access to your personal data

If you make a subject access request, and if we do hold information about you/your child, we will:

  • Give you a description of it
  • Tell you why we are holding and processing it, and how long we will keep it for
  • Explain where we got it from, if not from you or your child
  • Tell you who it has been, or will be, shared with
  • Let you know whether any automated decision-making is being applied to the data, and any consequences of this
  • Give you a copy of the information in an intelligible form

Under data protection law, individuals have certain rights regarding how their personal data is used and kept safe, including the right to:

  • Object to the use of personal data if it would cause, or is causing, damage or distress
  • Prevent it being used for marketing purposes
  • Have inaccurate personal data corrected, deleted or destroyed, or restrict processing
  • Claim compensation for damages caused by a breach of the data protection regulations


To exercise any of these rights, please email

Queries about your personal data

We take any queries about our collection and use of personal information very seriously. If you think that our collection or use of personal information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate, or have any other concern about our data processing, please raise this with us by calling Luke Kennedy on 07583 688 413 or email

This policy was ratified on 1st January 2023.

Luke Kennedy, Managing Director

Youth Dreams Project